Desert Adventures: The Best Things to Do in Phoenix,AZ

Using it’s signature red rock landscape,crystal blue skies and endless sunshine Phoenix is a city where life is best lived outside. Whether you’re traveling to Phoenix for a business trip or to Scottsdale for a girlfriend getaway,the proximity of several mountains,the Sonoran Desert and a handful of lakes and rivers means you’re never too far from some outside adventures. So if you want red mountain hikes,crave a little bit of culture or desire nothing more than to lounge in a poolside cabana in Scottsdale; there is no shortage of outside activities in Phoenix Pack your bags and have a look at a few of the best things to do in Phoenix,Arizona.

Hiking in Phoenix

There is no question Phoenix offers up a few of the best urban hiking in the country. Where else can you hit the trails during the day with lots of time for a poolside cocktail in the evening? Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale is perhaps the best known hike in Phoenix but the nearby Usery Mountains,Tonto National Forest and Superstition Mountains have miles of trails waiting to become explored. While beautiful the desert can also be brutal; make sure you stay on marked trails,look out for wildlife (a snake bite is a sure way to ruin your day) and drink lots of water (make sure to bring along an eco-friendly reusable water bottle). With countless trails ranging flat and wheelchair accessible to 2,000 foot climbs that require scrambling and boulder hopping,a few of the best hiking in Phoenix is only minutes from downtown.


Laze by the Pool in Scottsdale

When the Arizona sun brings temperatures into the triple digit range the only thing you really want to do is lounge by the pool with a fruity drink in hand and naturally Phoenix has elevated lazing by the pool into an art form. Scottsdale is popular for it’s top quality luxury resorts featuring over the top pools that are the perfect antidote to the blazing Sonoran sun. The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale features a 2.5 acre aquatic playground with 10 pools,20 fountains and a three-story tall tall high speed waterslide (have a look at my review for the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale); while the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess features six pools including one that has a 9,000 square foot white sand beach.


Horseback Riding in the McDowell Mountains

For a true taste of the wild west,cowboy up with the folks at Fort McDowell Adventures. Atop your trusty steed explore the sun-baked hills dotted with saguaro cactus and mesquite while real-deal cowboys share the history of the Yavapai Indians and tell tales of long lost gold mines. We-Ko-Pa Resort,a family friendly resort operated by the Yavapai Nation that boasts a pool with views of the nearby Red Mountains along with a cozy spa and an awardwinning casino,is the perfect place to rest your haunches after a day in the saddle.



Stand Up Paddle Board in Mesa

When you think about Arizona adventures stand paddle boarding probably isn’t the first thing that enters your mind but when the desert temperatures climb there is nothing like a day out on the water. With six lakes and a handful of rivers the Phoenix area offers ample opportunity to go out on the water. Pick up your rental board from the friendly folks at No Snow Stand Up Paddle in Mesa on your way out to Saguaro Lake. This two square mile lake,with views of the Four Peaks mountain range,towering sandstone cliffs and namesake saguaro cacti lining the shores is one of one of the most stunning places I’ve paddled. Lake Pleasant,a 10,000 acre lake popular for windsurfing and waterskiing,is just a 45 minute drive from downtown Phoenix.


Hot Air Balloon Ride in Phoenix

A hot air balloon ride tops many bucket lists and with over 300 days of sunshine per year and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert extending for miles Phoenix is one of the best places in the US to make your ballooning dream a reality. Watching the sun rise from behind red rock mountains while gliding up to 5,000 feet above the desert landscape is equal parts thrilling,magical and surreal and with a champagne brunch after you land this flight with PhoenixHot Air Expeditions is one experience you won’t mind getting up early for. If you’re a first timer be sure to have a look at my tips for your first hot air balloon ride.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Including an architectural tour on a list of outside adventures may seem a bit odd,but hear me out. Taliesin West,the winter outpost of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright,is where the architect’s signature brand of organic architecture is on full display. The home is equal parts Flintsones and mid-century modern while the history of Frank Lloyd Wright,his family and students (Taleisin West continues to function as an architectural school to today) are fascinating. Time your visit to Taleisin West for the evening for magnificent sunset views over Scottsdale and the surrounding McDowell Mountains.


Spend a Day Out on the Farm in Queen Creek

The deserts around Phoenix hold many surprises and among the biggest for me was discovering the rich agricultural heritage of the farming communities near Mesa,Arizona on the Fresh Foodie Trail. Queen Creek Olive Mill,Arizona’s only working olive grove,offers a true farm-to-table experience with it’s olive press and cafe. At their Olive 101 class you can discover (and sample) the olive oil pressed on site then dine on casual Tuscan-inspired fare at the Mill’s onsite eatery. When it comes to peaches Georgia has nothing on Schnepf Farms,Arizona’s largest organic peach farm that has been run by the Schnepf family for over four generations. Over 250,000 visitors come by Schnepf Farms for juicy peaches straight from the tree,fresh baked peach pies and peach cinnamon rolls from their bakery,along with the various festivals the farm hosts throughout the year.

How to Find Great Discounts on Outdoor Gear

Whether you’re a budget-conscious camper or a significant conservationist, going for utilized outside equipment instead of getting new ones can be a satisfying choice. Not just are you selecting gear that is less costly in price, you are additionally supporting the reason for reusing and also reusing equipment that is still practical – an action that will most definitely get you a nod from ecological conservationists around.

Why made use of

The usual reasoning is that utilized gear is not as good new ones. While this may be true for some, most outside equipment are made with exactly as the name suggests – with the open airs in mind, and also because of this, they are constructed to be tough enough to endure long term usage and rough outside conditions.

These exterior equipments aren’t the use-twice-then-throw-away kind, as well as it is this sturdiness as well as ability to hold up against the roughness of exterior life that makes camping gear a great product to acquire used. With the feasible exception of damages incurred, utilized outdoor gear that are still in good condition, are an excellent option for the majority of hikers and also campers.

Tips on getting previously owned exterior equipment

Before dropping a dollar on any kind of outdoor equipment – used or brand-new – see to it you recognize precisely which devices you require. It will not do you any type of good to go on an outdoor equipment buying spree after that finding out later on that half right stuff you acquired aren’t the things you really require or will use. So before anything else, take a seat and make a listing of the important things you need, normally these are the basics, like resting bags, an outdoor tents, flashlights or lanterns and also insect repellent. Begin with these, as well as once you have actually ticked them off your list and you still have a little left to spare, then you can possibly obtain the products you wish to carry your outdoors trip, however remember, do not bring anything you can not bring.

Where to find used gear

Checking out the Internet is currently a wonderful method for a lot of people to find pre-owned outdoor gear that satisfy their requirements. There are a lot of internet sites that deal utilized outside gear, as well as if you’re comfortable negotiating online, then a few of these web sites are a good place for you to begin. A lot of these internet sites supply auction-style rates, while some have actually fixed price tags. Relying on your choice, either prices designs are rather dependable.

An additional alternative is to go low-tech. Rather than searching for used things online, attempt mosting likely to used stores, thrift shops and also excess stores. These locations normally have trusted used outdoor equipment for bargain rates. You can likewise try going to public auctions, flea markets as well as yard sales. These might require a little more legwork from you, seeing as you need to physically go around your location to search these stores for used equipment, but usually, because people these days no more bother to go this route, these places are overlooked. That understands, your journey to these deal chances can yield you a diamond in the rough.

The Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Adventure

With summer season nearly right here, it’s the perfect season to do what the Japanese telephone call shinrin-yoku, or forest showering. A research study published in Public Health from 2007 showed clear gain from the technique. Almost 500 volunteer individuals got studies two times on days when they were forest showering, as well as twice on days when they were not. Surveys assessed feelings of hostility, depression, dullness, kindness, health and wellbeing, and vitality.

Hostility ratings went down and liveliness ratings increased on forest days, compared to non-forest days. One of the most intriguing takeaway pertains to stress.

” Stress levels were shown to be related to the magnitude of the shinrin-yoku effect; the higher the stress level, the higher the effect,” researchers wrote.

Research study additionally connects green areas to less circumstances of chronic illness, such as diabetic issues and also heart problem. Being in or near an eco-friendly space might additionally be connected to a decreased threat of premature birth, high blood pressure, as well as stress.

So if you’re seeking to lower stress levels, beat burnout, give your general health a boost, and invest some quality time with the household, a getaway in the great outdoors this summertime could be simply what you need. Here are some choices for outside experience.

Seeking to get your feet wet with exterior journey this summertime? Below are some choices well worth taking into consideration:

Treking: Make it as hard or as tough as you desire. Start here, after that function your method up to camping.

Glamping: Like taking a rustic, shop resort room and placing it in the woods. Glamping is classy, outdoorsy, and expensive.

Outdoor camping: Attempt cars and truck outdoor camping first. Drive to a website with whatever you require, set up camp, and hang around.

Backpacking: You’ll intend to function your way as much as this. Attempt camping and hiking very first to develop your standard tolerance level of pain and health and fitness.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Tips

Does your family members enjoy outdoor leisure? Do you like to go hiking, biking, swimming or play group sporting activities? No matter what type of tasks you choose, you can restrict the number of injuries that occur and have an excellent safe time.

Keep Hydrated
Your body is mostly water as well as you need to see to it everyone remains hydrated. Your household will lose valuable liquids while they are having fun. The hotter it is as well as the greater the task degree, the quicker fluids are lost. See to it you bring lots of drinking water with you. Make sure to keep it cool on a warm day by storing in a cooler or protected bag.

Know Your Limits
Know your household’s normal task degree and also strategy your outside entertainment tasks accordingly. If your family is not extremely sports, make sure you intend breaks into your day. If you are a really athletic group of people, plan activities that will certainly maintain everybody busy and also proposing longer durations. Planning your activities around your household’s task degree will certainly keep injuries from happening due to fatigue.

Bring an Emergency Treatment Package
You need to constantly bring a basic first aid set with you whenever you do any kind of sort of exterior recreation. You need to be able to provide standard emergency treatment when you are far from your automobile, residence or any densely populated area. Maintain the emergency treatment kit well stocked as well as see to it any medications have not ended. Standard emergency treatment packages commonly come fully equipped in handy lugging cases that you can throw right into your backpack.

Usage Protective Gear
Whether you are rollerblading, cycling, scuba diving or canoeing, you need to wear the suitable protective gear. See to it everybody in your family members has the best tools for your task. If you are treking, put on proper durable shoes. If you are on wheels, make sure everybody uses their headgear. If you are doing watersports, everybody requires to have a lifevest.

Keep Equipment healthy
Make certain all exterior leisure equipment remains in great operating condition. Inspect your tools at the beginning and end of each season, when you take it out and put it away. Fix any type of damage after each usage. Obtain your tools serviced at routine periods.

Regardless of what exterior recreation task your family enjoys, you can do small things to ensure you stay risk-free. Bringing sufficient water, understanding your limitations, having an emergency treatment set, making use of safety gear and also maintaining your tools in good shape will certainly make certain that your family havings fun with limited interruptions because of injuries.